HIFU Body Treatment


This is an innovative technology that is incredibly precise and accurate. The benefits of HIFU body sculpting include, but not limited to:


You will see the results build gradually over a period of time because HIFU penetrates the skin from the outside, inwards. The HIFU targeted energy passes the surface of the skin and stimulates the cells for collagen production and tissue rejuvenation, whist targeting fat cells and destroying them with its intense frequency. When using this method of treatment, your epidermis will be lifted and tightened by your skin’s own natural healing process reducing saggy skin after the fat cells have been destroyed. You can expect to notice your skin and body rejuvenating over the months following treatment- feeling smoother, brighter, tighter and firmer.


With HIFU specific areas are targeted with high-intensity focused ultrasound technology. Unlike lasers, the HIFU procedure targets directly into the deep structural tissues where the collagen and fat cells live.

A number of areas can be treated including:

  • HIPS

This treatment can be coupled with cryolipolysis (fat freezing), radio frequency (thermal) and cavitation to get the best complete results. We call this our 4D Lipo Med.

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

30 to 60 mins

Back To Work




Full Recovery

Up to 72 hours*

Sensitivity Period


Duration Of Results

Long Term Results *

Risks & Complications

Redness, irritation


Non-obligatory consultation

How does it work?  HIFU stands for ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’. During this treatment, ultrasound energy is used to stimulate the deep layers which support the skin. In doing so it creates a lifted, tauter appearance and stimulates the body to produce collagen.

Who is suitable for treatment? The ideal candidate for HIFU is for a person who is mildly above ideal weight, and cannot shift stubborn pockets of fat.  HIFU is ideal for sculpting larger areas, and the candidate should be within 10-15kg of their ideal weight range.  HIFU is not a weight loss treatment and does not replace the benefits of proper diet and exercise. It does not treat obesity.

How many treatments of HIFU body sculpting are recommended? Generally, anywhere between 2 to 4 treatments per area are recommended, however many clients see results after a single treatment.  It is important to come in for a thorough assessment so our aesthetician can customise a specific plan designed for you and your goals.

Are the results permanent? Permanent, as long as you maintain your weight with your normal diet and exercise, your long term results should remain stable.

What results can I expect from this treatment? Results can be seen from 2 to 4 months’ post treatment. The average permanent fat reduction of the treatment area after just one single session is typically 2 to 4cm.  Its important to note that these treatments continue to work after you have visited the clinic, as they work on your body’s own natural elimination process.

Can I combine HIFU Fat Reduction with other treatments? Our HIFU fat reduction treatment is best for targeting larger stubborn pockets of fat, however if you wish to have more of an overall fat reduction treatment your therapist may recommend combining your HIFU body treatment as part of a treatment course incorporating other technologies for a more complete fat reduction treatment. Deluxe Skin has specific technology that can be combined to enable you to target your needs and devise a specific and bespoke treatment plan for you ensuring maximum results.

What can be treated using HIFU Body Sculpting? 

A number of areas can be treated including:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Inner Arms

What will I experience during my treatment? A hand piece will be placed on the skin; this is the hand piece used to target focussed energy to the fat cells. The hand piece is placed on the area of treatment and held there for approximately 2 minutes, this will be repeated 3 times per treatment area. During treatment, you may feel the warmth of the hand piece, and in some cases it may get slightly hot and uncomfortable. You may also feel a slight vibration and tingling sensation, although this is completely normal.

Does it hurt?  Most people do not report pain. There can be slight aching over bony areas or a warm sensation in the skin during treatment.

Is it safe?  Thousands of treatments have been performed worldwide using HIFU technology without significant adverse events. In addition, ultrasound energy has been used safely in the field of medicine for more than 50 years.

Is HIFU Body Sculpting classed as surgery? No. While the ultrasound treatment does target the deep layer of skin often addressed in surgery, it does not involve general anaesthetic or cutting the skin in any way.

How long does the treatment take? Between 30-90 minutes, depending on area to be treated.

Is there any downtime? There is normally no downtime or recovery time needed. Most people return to normal activities right away.

Are there any side effects? There may be slight redness following the treatment. A small amount of patients report swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch.

Important information

This treatment must be performed by a trained therapist. Our Clinical Technicians are trained therapists that specialise in aesthetic, non-surgical, non- invasive body transformation procedures.

Treatment Area Treatment Price
Single Body Part (e.g. Belly) DKK 4.999
Double Area (e.g. love handle, inner thighs) DKK 5.999
Double Full Area (e.g. Upper legs) DKK 8.999

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