Anti-ageing Facial


We believe every skin is unique in its own way! Therefore, at our practise our professionally trained aestheticians carefully evaluate your skin and your specific requirements and then suggest the use of appropriate treatment options to carry out bespoke facials. However, we do understand some of out patients like the classic and off the shelf options.


An off the shelf facial that is suitable for all skin types. This includes a mixture and combination of cleansing through the use of steam, masks and a gentle exfoliation to bring the natural best out of your skin.


Moroccan volcanic ash sourced from origin. This facial includes a blend of volcanic ash and rose water packed with active minerals and nutrients.


Deep cleans the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells, making the skin softer. The exfoliation increases the blood and lymph circulation and hydrating your skin. This type of facial will not only help reduce the likelihood of blemishes, it can improve your skin’s elasticity, and give you a glow. With its anti-microbial proprieties black soap is rich in vitamin E. Highly advised to relieve excess of dead skin and clogged pores. Furthermore, it helps with anti-aging, youthful shine, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


We strongly believe in medical science. Therefore, all of our treatments, technology and products used are approved by clinical studies which have been developed on the basis of medical research, approved testing, quality and assurance tests, these treatments and products are your guarantee of a safe and effective cosmetic treatment.

We are in partnership with a range of carefully selected brands, such as Exuviance, iS Clinical, Murad, Skin Ceutical, Fillerina, ZO Skin Health, Neutri Herbs among others – all strong, recognised brands that provide clear results from beginning to end. You can support the results you gain in our clinic with our professional skin care products.

You are able to select a facial that exclusively uses internationally recognised branded products. We empower you to select the products to use during your facial.  The products available will ensure an oxygenating blend with concentrated serums that will delivers an infusion of vitamins and pure essential oxygen to detoxify and re-energise skin to restore a youthful, luminous complexion.


  • Detoxifies and eliminates ageing dullness
  • Stimulates vital cell energy
  • Provides essential support for optimal collagen levels
  • Youth-promoting benefits to restore radiance and suppleness


A bespoke facial, specifically customised for individual customers considering their requirements and skin condition. Please book your free consultation to get a Facial Plan made specific to your skin.

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

30 to 90 mins

Back To Work




Full Recovery

0 – 72 hours*

Sensitivity Period

Upto 24 hours*

Duration Of Results

Various *

Risks & Complications

Redness, irritation..


Non-obligatory consultation

Will my skin break out?

Break outs are not uncommon.  Facials detoxify, lifting impurities to the surface and should disappear within a week.  Many times clients are unaware of ingredients that their skin may have sensitivities to.  Be sure to alert your aesthetician to any allergies or products your skin has reacted to in the past.  Also note that diet, stress, lack of sleep and hormone imbalance play into breakouts.  Be mindful of toxins such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine that can contribute to problematic skin.  Drink plenty of water to keep toxins flushed and skin hydrated.

Will my skin be red and irritated?

It is possible for your skin to be red from the steam and extractions. Our active ingredients and facial massage, also activate circulation which also causes redness. This can last several hours. Depending on the level of exfoliation used, your skin can also feel slightly itchy, dry and tight for a few days after.  Stay hydrated and moisturize skin as directed.  Be mindful of your diet and drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated.  Remember that alcohol and caffeine can also dehydrate skin and cause further redness.

Do I need to wash my face prior to the facial?

No, we’ve got you covered!

Will facials fix my acne, scarring, wrinkles and or hyperpigmentation?

It is our goal to help our clients achieve younger, beautiful skin! Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure and facials don’t always make all of these problems disappear.  Generally, facials will improve the skin, giving it a healthier texture and vibrant appearance.  With proper diet, stress management, home care and routine facials or peels, these issues will diminish over time.

Can I wear make up right after the facial?

It is best to let your skin breathe and absorb all of the nutrients from your treatment.  Some cosmetics may also irritate your skin. We do retail organic, hydrating and oil absorbing foundations that will protect and cover your skin.

How do I care for my skin after my facial?

We generally recommend being gentle with your skin after treatment. Do not exfoliate for at least 5 days after your facial.  Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying the proper moisturizer and sunscreen.  We can also recommend products to use at home to keep your skin glowing!

How often should I get facials?

Once a month for the best results, however if that is not in your budget, we highly recommend investing in a good skin care regimen for home and coming as often as you can for facials.  We do run monthly specials and offer packages to keep your visits affordable!

What to know about your treatment?

Our exfoliation methods are designed to remove epidermal layers of the skin using an appropriate acid or enzyme solution.

Benefits of exfoliation:

  • Dries out active acne
  • Reduces shallow wrinkling and scarring
  • Lightens hyper pigmented areas (dark patches)
  • Improves the appearance and health of sun damaged and aged skin

Once the exfoliate has been applied, you will notice some tingling, itching and burning sensations.  Your skin may feel warm and spicy.  If there is severe discomfort, please alert your aesthetician.

Please note that allergic reactions to some skin care ingredients are not uncommon.  Alert your skin care therapist of known allergies so that they can determine if any of our products may be unsuitable for your skin.

When the treatment is finished, the skin may become red due to the intensity of the exfoliate and extractions.

Post facial, the exfoliation can cause:

  • Light flaking (dead cells lifting from skin) though it is not always visible.
  • Tight, dry skin (drink plenty of water and moisturize skin)
  • Breakouts can occur as the exfoliation process lifts impurities to the surface.

Allow your skin to go through this process naturally.  Do not pick or scrub your skin during the period of flaking. Always use sun protection and do not expose your skin to direct sunlight.

Classical Facial
Course (3 sessions) DKK 1,099
Per session DKK 399
Volcanic Ash Facial
Course (3 sessions) DKK 1,299
Per session DKK 499
Black Soap Facial
Course (3 sessions) DKK 1,299
Per session DKK 499
Derma Facial
Course (3 sessions) DKK 1,499
Per session DKK 699
Customised Facial
Course (3 sessions) DKK 1,499
Per session DKK 699

Mette Ring (5*) Facial – 15th February 2019 “Lige kommet ud fra en super professionel og behagelig deluxe oxygen behandling hos deluxe skin og kan varmt anbefale det videre til andre!” – Trust Pilot Verified

Fatiha El Amrani (5*) Facial – 15th February 2019 “Min første gang hos Deluxe skin, har været en fornøjelse. Det ikke sidste gang jeg kommer på klinikken, både service og behandling har været i top. Jeg valgte en Deluxe Oxygen behandling og er fuldt tilfreds. Kan varmt anbefale dem” – Trust Pilot Verified

Tine (5*) Facial – 15th February 2019 “Det er et fint lille sted . Sød personal Er rigtig glad for at få behandlinger her” – Trust Pilot Verivfied

Cæcilie (5*) Facial – 15th February 2019 “Super ansigtsbehandling. Føler mig altid frisk og glad og klar til at møde verden efter en ansigtsbehandling hos de søde pigerhios deluxe skin.” Trust Pilot Verified

Christina Vestergård (5*) Facial – 15th February 2019 “Dejligt sted. Stille og roligt. Altid god tid til behandling. Man føler sig godt tilpas der.” Trust Pilot Verified

Brunella Antoni (5*) Facial – 3rd January 2018 “Super kind staff, very nice and clean clinic” – Facebook Verified

Rikke Hoejgaard (5*) Facial – 8th December 2017 “Så blev jeg lige 7 år yngre og fugtet godt igennem til vintervejret” –  Facebook Verified

Maria Sølve Frederiksen (5*) Facial – 4th December 2017 “Sød og god service samt effektiv behandling”– Facebook Verified