360 Bum Lift

our NON-SURGICAL 360 Bum Lift

Our 360 Bum Lift treatment uses a combination of advance medical grade technology including; ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum therapy giving us the means to fight annoying cellulite, stubborn fat and saggy skin. This is one of the most advanced and effective treatments for bum lifts available at Derma Solution

Customers often tell us that even though they’re working hard at the gym and eating the right food, they still aren’t seeing the results they desire. However, after signing up with 360 Bum Lift they are on their way to looking and feeling the way they’ve always wanted.

Our 360 Bum Lift treatment has been clinically proven. Sessions will include focused heating, deep ultrasonic energy, and suction causing the fibres in your buttocks to contract and the skin to tighten. This treatment stimulates collagen whilst destroying fat and makes the buttocks look larger and more rounded, by tightening the surrounding skin and reducing inches above and below the buttock cheeks to give it a perkier shape. Not only can your buttock be tighter and lifted, but it can promote stiffer muscle below the surface for a more comprehensive look.

This totally non-invasive treatment, works on:



We use a three stage approach to conduct our 360 Bum Lift. Typically, the procedure involves:

  1. Cavitation ultrasound waves being beamed into the skin, where they accurately target fat, cellulite and transmit powerful sound energy pulses to the target area tissue, causing selective damage to the membrane of fat cells (adipose tissue) and eventually leading them to die (apoptosis). After fat is broken down, dead fat cells and fat material is cleared away naturally via lymph circulation.
  2. The innovative platform delivers concentrated Radio Frequency (thermal) energy to the deepest layers of tissue (dermis), promoting skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in increased metabolism, cell activity and faster fat burning.
  3. In the final stage, Vacuum massage is performed to improve oxygenated blood flow and accelerate lymphatic flow and drainage.

Effects get progressively better over a period of treatments, as new collagen and elastin proteins are produced and dead cells are carried away. Most clients experience a tighter, firmer and more rounded buttock appearance, within the first 3 treatments and improved results after each visit thereafter.

Depending on the condition being treated, the number of sessions needed varies. Following a healthy diet and lifestyle will certainly improve and help maintain high quality results.

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