Skin Analysis Consultation

What is a Skin Analysis Consultation?

Are you keen to have your complexion assessed so as to find out what treatments are best for you? Book a skin analysis consultation with one of our expert practitioners.

When you come to us for a skin analysis session, you will be seen in-clinic by a fully-trained practitioner with comprehensive knowledge of our various skin and body treatments.

During the consultation, we will carry out an in-depth skin assessment, along with a patch test if necessary. We will then devise a personal treatment programme that is perfectly suited to your skin requirements. The whole consultation will take approximately 20 minutes.

On request, our practitioners can perform a full body analysis related to the body treatments that we offer.

All treatments are carried out in our clinic. This is safe, hygienic environment measured against clinical standards. We provide well-established treatments and use the latest innovative technology. Client confidentiality and privacy are important to us, and we will never divulge any of your information to third parties.*


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